– Skylight trim and prepare for plastic panels.

– Electrical fixtures mounting in lower room and porch.

– Wiring for baseboard heaters

– Mount the gutters and downspouts, finish drain pipe and connections.

– Re-grade ground around building.

– Finish skirting shingles at porch.  (we need about 48″ width of hand split shakes, if you have any)

–  wood stove and chimney mounting  (we need two 4 ft sections of insulated 6″ chimney , “Metalbestos” type)


Benefit Followup: WOW!

This was such a great event, here’s a brief  summmary.

Kimmer organized this event in about two weeks, spurred on by Ken and Dan offering their two bands for free.   There were about 50 volunteers who helped, including transforming the Bayview Hall into a festive and welcoming venue for the auction and dance.   There were ever 150 items donated for the auction,  and we’re guessing over 200 people came to the event.   We also had a number of Susan’s sweaters and glass art on display for sale,  donated food and drinks for sale, and a donation box.   There was an art table set up for people to make cards and prayer flags for Susan.

Here’s a link to a slide show of the flags

Music by Joni T, Kat and Suso, Kimmer, Dan and his bluegrass band, and ending with Ken’s Zydeco Explosion. The dance floor was full til the end,  lots of fun.

We also have a video that I’m working on getting uploaded for all to see.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this wonderful night, during which the amount of love and prayers sent to Susan may have briefly upset the cosmic balance.

zydeco poster flat

Studio update: Nov 18th

John S, Davide K, and I worked on carpentry last Saturday, we got most of the skirting done and most of the interior trim.  As expected, revisions to the plan come along regularly, so we have to flex.

Unfortunately it was dark by the time we left, so no pictures of our completed work.


This week is full full full with preparations for the benefit auction and dance coming up this Saturday.  Our house is overflowing with incredible items donated by Susan’s community.  Looks like around 130 items, maybe more as they are still coming in!   Also found out the Conductor of Fun will be onsite.


Hope to see you all there on Saturday, should be a lot of fun.


We’ll get back to some studio work after Thanksgiving,  stay tuned.






Next work day: Nov 14th

Love to have some help next Saturday. I m going to get to Susan’s around 9 am. The posting below has a listing of some of the things we’ll be doing.






A lot has been done at Susan’s,

Siding, trim, ratproofing, drainage

Work day progress 005

Paver walkway, steps, rehang & weatherstrip front door, garden beds cleaned up,

Work day progress 006

Interior cleanup (lots of stuff moved and re-organized),  drywall hung, taped, textured, painted, trim milled and installed, steps rebuilt.

Work day progress 001

Thanks again for all the help thus far. Great progress!

There are still some areas which need more attention,  generally as follows:


-gutters and downspouts, tied into new drain pipe.

– extend new drainpipe 10′

– backfill and level east side

– skirting shingles at south and west walls, using existing shingles

– make a removable access door for the crawl space.

– Kitchen window sash and sill rebuild (John S)


– trim at front door, bay window apron, chair rail,

– skylight trim, possibly resize to less than 8′ to allow secondary clear panel.

– linoleum strip off of fir floor. (Eric did some of this last weekend, slow going, need help)

– Sand, paint, clear finish wood floor.

– Lockset install (I drilled and mortised everything, but had the wrong backsets, so I will install on next visit.)

– stain and seal concrete floor


– Baseboard heaters. Carol has suggested that we hold off on the woodstove, and install a couple baseboard heaters instead. These may come from heaters replaced in the main house. We’ll have to run a couple new circuits.

– porch light fixture

– Ceiling light fixtures for lower room. Does anyone know why there are four boxes arranged on the ceiling like they are?   Haven’t been able to decipher that one.

Crawl space:  vapor barrier, insulation

Nov 7 work

Just a note to say I’m going to be at Susan’s around 9:30 tomorrow, and planning on being there for about 4-5 hours.  I’m going to finish re-hanging the front door,  install the two locksets, and then we’ll see.  There is still some outside siding to complete, and some inside trim.

Thanks to Blake, John, Bill, and others who have worked this week to get more things done.